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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 31, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. this risingmal star talks -- risingmal star talks to people in the bay area next. o, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. middle of a towering wal now at 11:00 p.m. the winds whipped up our crew caught in the middle of a wall of flames. a new flair up destroys homes tonight in lake county. good evening. >> tonight evacuation orders have been lifted for parts of and e big valley ranch. munity
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but other areas are still in immediate danger. kpix 5's katie nielson is live in lakeport with a look at what firefighters are fthere tonight. >> reporter: today was a tough day for firefighters. more structures were lost. look behind me. this used to be a barn. you can see parts of it burning now and all this metal that is gray and smoldering, this used to be the roof of the barn. now firefighters did everything they could to try save as many homes as they could but in some cases mother nature took over. take a look. >> if we get a wind shift, you can back up. >> a trying day for firefighters as they try protect homes.
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>> doing an awesome job. >> reporter: he stood with firefighters as he watched a wall of flames barrel down had hillside towards him -- the hillside towards him. >> try to save it. >> reporter: with hoses ready firefighters were a able to save it. as crews nearby put out hot spots, started when embers flew across the road. >> erratic fire behavior. down into canyons. >> reporter: firefighters say when the afternoon winds picked up they did everything they could to fight the flames. but for the first time since sunday some homes were lost. >> we could see from the road, barnes, homes, there were structures involved. >> reporter: unofficially firefighters are telling me that so far they counted 11 outbuildings that have been destroyed and two homes when the river fire here kicked up this afternoon.
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but they will have damage assessment teams going in tomorrow. they said once the sun is up they will have a better idea exactly what happened here this afternoon. katie nielson, kpix 5. >> the video shows what air crews are facing as they fight to contain the flames tonight. the two blazes cover 125 square miles. an area the size of san francisco and oakland combined. those fires 12% contained tonight. >> despite the danger some people in the fire's path are refusing to leave their homes tonight. that includes lakeport firefighter who just came off the fire lines. he is using his 24 hours off to defend his 75-acre walnut farm. it is a mile from where the river fire is burning. >> it could get to the point where, you know, those that chose not to leave --
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>> we choose to protect our land. ytwhat we have. how -- it is what we have and how we make our living. >> he is prepared to fight. he spent the day filling his 4,000-gallon water tender tender and running hoses. 90-miles to the north, a new fire in mendocino county tonight. the eel fire burned 865 acres. evacuation orders orders are in effect. >> the carr fire near redding is now the 6th most destructive fire in california history. this is a view of the fire from a national guard aircraft. 1300 structure have been destroyed. and that puts the carr fire ahead of the nun's fire in
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buildings destroyed. the fire scorched 113,000 acres. but cries are making progress. con-- crews are making progress. containment is 30%. thousands of people evacuated by accident. turns out cal fire added the town of shasta lake to the evacuation order friday by mistake. summit city at shasta lake was meant to be include. yosemite valley won't reopen. the ferguson fire keeping parts of the park closed through sunday. it was pushed back from this friday due to poor air quality. the bad air forced two summer camps near yosemite to shut down. they are operated by san francisco recreation and parks department. hundreds of kids had to be sent home. the new rising star of the democratic party who came out of left field with a shocking
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upset in the new primar ansold out two fundraiser in san francisco. kpix 5's andria borba is in the commission district where the crowds came out for her. >> reporter: when you see line stretched like this on mission street it is for a burrito or a cup of joe but this line snoot for food but for a candidate whose surprise win turned the democratic party on its ear. >> justice, freedom and dignity for all people. >> i am standing out here for the future of this country. this is a movement. that is what she represents to me. and her win in new york. >> reporter: winner of the primary in the broncs.
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winning by 13 points. >> when they told me that i had to wait my turn, no. no. >> reporter: she already has a dedicated progressive following. >> i support her because i am against money and politics like the man she defeated in her district. >> received a rock star's welcome in san francisco. >> reporter: in a room packed in the mission where her message resinated. >> too many americans make less than $40,000 a year. way too many. and in the wealthiest society in the history of humanity we can have good things.
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>> reporter: this was stop two of two in san francisco. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. new video of car break ins at mall. police responded to multiple vehicle burglaries at the mall over the past few months. many caught on camera. in this video you can see this guy get out of his car, look inside a vehicle and break the window and steal something. investigators say all of the victims are tourists who kept their bags and suit cases in plain sight. >> if you are coming from the airport and you want to enjoy the pacific east mall, please drop your luggage at the hotel first or at the house and then come by and enjoy the place. >> investigators have caught a few suspects already. in one recent theft the suspect stole $150,000 worth of jewelry
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out of a car. officers identified one of the suspects in that theft. they searched her home and found some of the stolen jewelry. there is a warrant out for her arrest and officers are also looking for this woman. an effort to stop 3d printed guns. a seattle judge blocked a website from posting the blueprints to make them hours before they hit the internet. kpix 5's christin ayers over the battle over the ghost guns. >> reporter: for now it is a illegal to publish blueprints online detailing how to make a 3d gun. a blow to his texas non-profit defense distributed. >> anyone can use it for commercial, non-commercial purposes. it is there. >> reporter: in the last three days more than 2,000 fiver hundred people -- 2,000 fiver
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hundred people downloaded the files. everything from hand guns to ar- 15 style rifles. all untraceable and undetectable. now 8 states are fighting back. she says she plans to announce legislation this fall. >> the unlimited access to blueprints for 3d guns and the potential export of these untraceable weapons is a threat to national and international security. >> reporter: president trump tweeted today i am looking in to 3d plastic guns being sold to the public. they could be a concern at airport check points. but a sheriff's department spokesperson said the guns have not been an issue locally with so many real guns we are worried more about that.
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worried about high capacity assault rifles. christin ayers, kpix 5. tonight the trump administration is citing safety as a reason to roll back u.s. auto pollution standards. it would freeze obama administration rules requiring consistent improvements in gas mileage. the trump administration argues cars end to get smaller and lighter and that puts people at greater risk in an accident. >> i am not sure what he is trying to do here but i know what california is trying to do. california is trying to reduce air pollution. >> the draft shows the feds plan to challenge california's history of setting its own tougher fuel standards. the proposal could be released as soon as this week. tonight the governor of mexico of durango state says a areomexico airliner crashed may
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have been hit by a sudden gust of wind as it lifted off in a storm. the plane was bound for medical examiner city this afternoon when -- for mexico city this afternoon when it lost speed and hit the ground. both engines were knocked loose but all 103 passengers and crew were able to escape before the plane caught fire. the pilot and one other person are in sear condition tonight but all other -- serious conditions tonight but all other injuries are minor. facebook uncovers election meddling. how it cracked down on a plan to fool american voters. >> and mountain lions killed after attacking goats. the debate. >> and a man tries to blow up a gas station but things don't go as planned.
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chase. make more of what's yours. that may have been trying to disrupt the midterm elections in november. kpix 5's allen martin on the sophisticated plan. allen intro taped >> facebook wiped out accounts trying to disrupt the mid-term elections. kpix 5's allen martin on the plan. >> reporter: facebook detected a new campaign aimed at spreading political messages. it raises the possibility that russia is trying to interfere in the u.s. elections. facebook says the 32 pages had more than 290,000 followers and were created between march 2017 and may 2018. she called this fight an arm's race when speaking to reporters during a conference call. >> this is not allowed on facebook because we don't want organizations or individuals creating networks of account said that mislead people about who they are or what they are
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doing. >> reporter: some focused on divisive issues. >> the goal was to make the united states weaker d make our alliess confident in united states' ability to achieve our goals. >> reporter: she wouldn't confirm if the russians were behind the campaigns. >> we are in the early stages of our investigation. we don't have all the facts. >> reporter: republican and democratic lawmakers blamed russia. in 2016 facebook failed to stop botts created from the russian internet research agency that infiltrated news feed. a point reiterated today. >> it was the russians. we know that. they know that. it was directed from the highest levels and we will not allow that to happen again. >> for facebook this is just the beginning of the war. >> we know that the attack in
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2016 was an ongoing attack. it did not stop. but many actors are continuing to meddle in the election. >> reporter: while this is a sign facebook is getting more proactors the hackers also stepped up and may be able to hide their tracks. allen martin, kpix 5. cupertino targeting apple employees. tonight the city council put the brakes on sending the tax to the battle. it would charge $425 per employee for companies with at least 5,000 workers. the measure would have generated $10 million to relieve traffic congestion with apple paying pbulk. a -- the bulk. a majority of speakers supported postponing the proposal. they said they are ready to meet on the issue next week.
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>> stand ready to work with you on transportation issues. >> we see this tax as weeing short sided -- being short sided. >> the city council voted to delay a decision till 2020. uber and lyft are giving the rate is of san francisco a tip in the form of a tax. both companies agreed to give the city a cut of their net profits on trips originating in san francisco. the deal eliminates a gross receipts tax for the november ballot. the tax is set to take effect in january 2020. it is expected to generate $30 million a year for transit projects. surveillance video, an arsonist setting fire to a gas
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station in new york. the man sprays the ground with fuel and ghtspaper on fire and ignites the puddle of gas. as you see as the gas flairs up he runs away. within seconds the system puts out the flames. police say another bystander was seriously injured. mountain lions seen in this surveillance video was put down after it attacked goats. it is the second time that property owners killed, trapped -- killed animals tied to . wo pi d goats for fun. i woke up one morning and my goat was gone. >> reporter: he moved from and ago and knows about the
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mountain lion that ate his goat. >> at the time it was 6 and a half feet and now he is 150 pounds. very big. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw that? >> amazed. i couldn't believe that somebody that big would be lurking around. >> reporter: he tags, tracks and save the mountain lion. other owners in the area are choosing to kill mountain lions who kill their animals. last week a mountain lion was put down after killing a goat. it is the second mountain lion killing in the last eight months. >> there are things they could do besides resort to killing. >> the lead researcher. he says it is important to educate owners telling them how
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to protect their animals so they could co-exist with mountain lions. >> we can see that it makes no sense to kill a mountain lion in these circumstances. the removal will just result in another one coming in. it is just going to keep happening. >> reporter: still there are some residents who think live stock owners have to do a lot it takes to protect their animals. >> i believe that yes, they have a right to protect their live stock. and use a tranquilizer. >> reporter: here are tips to protect your animals. lock them up every night in predator proof enclosures because mountain lions could jump a 12-foot fence and keep it away from vegetation or water. mary lee,. >> reporter: if.
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a lemur stolen -- mary lee, kpix 5. a lemur stolen from the zoo. he was dropped off in newport beach. a note said it was taken last night, please bring to police. police are still looking for the zoo burglar tonight. paul deanno right now. fog is back. >> yeah. always a pleasure watching it roll over san francisco, in san francisco bay. cooler when you speed it up. fog inveighing. fog up and over -- inveighed -- the cool spot conquered 70
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degrees. inland warm. record warm. livermore tonight 59. oakland 56. napa 54. lots of low cloud cover and fog near the water. not much relief where we want it. redding, mendocino county, lake county, yosemite. all three locations will continue to be warmer than average and sunny. amazing with this much smoke in the air our air quality is good to moderate because of the ocean breeze. fresh air coming from the ocean. ridge of high pressure moving away. tiny change. that is enough to allow something new to move in and the low-pressure system will thicken the marine layer and that will cool down our inland communities significantly by the weekend. near or cooler than average inland by this weekend. more 80s than 90s.
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that begins tomorrow. and the fog and low cloud cover invades all areas aroundth coast line tomorrow morning. oakland 69 degrees tomorrow morning. napa 82. concord 89 degrees. chilly in the city and at the beach. 61 pacifica. 64 san francisco. extended forecast cooler thursday and friday. more saturday and sunday. mid-80s inland. staying chilly near the water, mid-60s near the bay and 50s along the coast. that is your forecast, we will be right back. p&-pshelter.. inf
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tonight hundreds of wildfire evacuees housed add a single shelter in the east bay. >> the animal rescue foundation received fiver hundred dogs and cats from over flowing fire zone shelters. in the past four days. rescuers say pets are quicker to flee a wildfire than owners. >> they could smell smoke better than you and i. there is chaos, people running in, people running out. they are hearing sirens. >> the pelts come from evacuation areas all over california. animals that are not claimed will be put up for adoption. giants go for another win
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in extra innings. can the a's close the gap and serena williams in san jose. if you blinkered you might -- blinked you might have missed it. we will explain next. p&-pstay t
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ate. &-pshe was serena williams' stay in san jose lasted 51 minutes. she suffered the worse defeat of her career tonight in san jose. she was dispatched in straight sets. the first time in her career that she won only one game in a match. major league baseball trade deadline came and went this afternoon. the a's and the giants did not make any additions. oakland may not need any. davis, 29th home run of the year. 3-1. later in the inning, he steals second and he home. oakland wins 6-2. one game behind seattle in the wildcard
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race. good day for a matinee in san diego. mccutchen goes deep. 11th home run of the year. now 2-2. evan longoria with a triple. still at third with two outs but crawford came through. giants win their third straight game 3-2. tonight in d.c., nationals 26 hits. against the mets. they led 19-0. washington wins 25-4. the 25 runs are the most in a game since george w. bush was ov fice. sobad th in th e thnow refer to them as the new york mess. 25 runs in a game, not good. we will be right back. r pg. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e.
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. late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >captning sponsored by cbs sessions has launched a so-called religious liberty task force at the justice department. sessions says freedom of religion is under attack. he cited an example of nuns being ordered to buyes. ♪ a gay cake in your neighborhood ♪ who you gonna call ♪ religious liberty task force ♪ on top of that cake two dudes ♪ who you gonna call ♪ religious liberty task for i ain't afraid of no


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